How Does Your Body Burn Fat

How Does Your Body Burn Fat?

How does your body burn fat? A lot of people ask this question, hoping for a simple, magical response. The truth is that our bodies are always burning calories. Everything you do, from sitting at your desk to doing laundry will burn calories. The amount of energy consumed by the task you are performing will determine how many calories are burned per minute or per hour.

Metabolism and Fat –

How does your body burn fat? Our bodies burn fat through chemical reactions that are taking place inside us all of the time. The speed at which these chemical reactions are performed will determine how much fat and calories you will burn. That is what we call metabolism.

The processes that take place inside your body every second of every day all combine to be known as metabolism. The moment you eat or drink anything and it goes into your body, these processes begin all over again. The energy is taken out of your food and transferred to other parts of your body. This energy keeps you alive and keeps your various systems functioning properly.

Exercise and Fat Burning –

When we associate burning calories and fat with an activity, it is usually going to the gym or playing sports. While it is true that you burn significant calories riding a bike or running on a treadmill, those numbers are only a small percentage of the calories you burn the rest of the day.

How does your body burn fat? If you really want to start burning fat on a regular basis, it is time to think of this process as a long term project. Your metabolism is not going to reach the speed of light after a day of exercising, just like you will not lose 10 pounds of fat by skipping a few meals.

This process takes a bit of time and effort to get going. People who spend time eating the right foods, going to the gym regularly, lifting weights and doing cardio exercises will boost their metabolism over the short and long term. This boost in metabolism will cause your body to burn calories (and fat) at a quicker rate.

Lifting Weights –

How does your body burn fat? Through burning calories, which happens through your metabolism. A great way to keep your metabolism high is to lift weights. This does not mean lifting heavy weights. If you do not want to build big muscles, you can complete more repetitions of an exercise with lower weights. This will tone your muscles, improve your overall health, and boost your metabolism (and thus your fat burning capabilities).