How Does Your Body Burn Fat

How Does Your Body Burn Fat?

How does your body burn fat? A lot of people ask this question, hoping for a simple, magical response. The truth is that our bodies are always burning calories. Everything you do, from sitting at your desk to doing laundry will burn calories. The amount of energy consumed by the task you are performing will determine how many calories are burned per minute or per hour.

Metabolism and Fat –

How does your body burn fat? Our bodies burn fat through chemical reactions that are taking place inside us all of the time. The speed at which these chemical reactions are performed will determine how much fat and calories you will burn. That is what we call metabolism.

The processes that take place inside your body every second of every day all combine to be known as metabolism. The moment you eat or drink anything and it goes into your body, these processes begin all over again. The energy is taken out of your food and transferred to other parts of your body. This energy keeps you alive and keeps your various systems functioning properly.

Exercise and Fat Burning –

When we associate burning calories and fat with an activity, it is usually going to the gym or playing sports. While it is true that you burn significant calories riding a bike or running on a treadmill, those numbers are only a small percentage of the calories you burn the rest of the day.

How does your body burn fat? If you really want to start burning fat on a regular basis, it is time to think of this process as a long term project. Your metabolism is not going to reach the speed of light after a day of exercising, just like you will not lose 10 pounds of fat by skipping a few meals.

This process takes a bit of time and effort to get going. People who spend time eating the right foods, going to the gym regularly, lifting weights and doing cardio exercises will boost their metabolism over the short and long term. This boost in metabolism will cause your body to burn calories (and fat) at a quicker rate.

Lifting Weights –

How does your body burn fat? Through burning calories, which happens through your metabolism. A great way to keep your metabolism high is to lift weights. This does not mean lifting heavy weights. If you do not want to build big muscles, you can complete more repetitions of an exercise with lower weights. This will tone your muscles, improve your overall health, and boost your metabolism (and thus your fat burning capabilities).

Muscle Building For Women

At the gym the other day, there was a woman doing shoulder presses in a shirt which read, in big, bold letters, “Strong Is the New Skinny!” And it’s true. The skinny, undernourished bodies to which many women aspired in the 1990s and early 2000s are quickly being replaced by strong, toned physiques. Muscle building isn’t just for men anymore. Muscle building for women is quickly becoming a part of the gym landscape, and it appears to be here to stay. Not only is a strong, fit body more attractive than a thin, waif-life one, but it’s also a much healthier way to live.

For decades, many women shied away from the type of resistance training that builds muscle because they were afraid of getting “too bulky.” The common theme was that women should stick with aerobics classes and the treadmill rather than lifting heavy weights lest they want to end up with a physique more like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s than one of an attractive female. Of course, this idea has always been nonsense. Muscle building for women doesn’t produce bulk and mass, as women lack the testosterone needed to build massive muscles. What it does build is healthy muscle tone, and because this muscle tone requires calories to support it, less of the calories a woman eats end up being stored as fat, and her body fat percentage goes down.

Now that we’ve established that muscle building for women is a good thing, the question becomes: What is the best way for  a woman to build healthy muscle tone? The answer is that she should do progressive resistance training the same way men have been doing for years. The most effective muscle building exercises are compound, functional movements that work large muscle groups as well as the body’s core. These include squats, lunges, deadlifts, shoulder presses, and bench presses.

Muscle building for women doesn’t mean completely eschewing the cardio that women used to do. However, slogging away on the treadmill at a slow pace for an hour, which used to be the thing to do, is antithetical to building a muscular physique. Cardio workouts should be shorter and of a higher intensity. An example would be a 20-minute treadmill workout that includes sprinting for 15-20 seconds and then jogging slowly or briskly walking for the remainder of the minute. This type of high-intensity workout complements strength training very well, and it will help any woman achieve the type of toned physique that is now en vogue.

Daily Workout Plan For Women

Picking and Sticking to a Daily Workout Plan for Women

It seems there are endless options when it comes to choosing the best daily workout plan for women. So, whether you looking to lose a little weight or begin a new life, you need to be able to pick a daily plan and stick to it. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating a workout routine. Set a Goal That Fits Your Needs Different people will have different goals, so it’s really up to you to figure out what exactly you want. Just be sure to stay realistic. You’re not going to healthily lose 30 pounds in a week. If it helps, start with small goals and work your way up once you become more comfortable with your results. But no matter what, any good daily workout plan for women requires some kind of goal to get you started. A reasonable goal will help you craft your routine and give you something to work toward. Come


Up With a Manageable Routine Perhaps your routine is to do some cardio once you wake up or to hit the gym for an hour every day. Don’t go overboard and plan to spend hours and hours every day devoted to your new routine. After all, you have a life to live outside of working out. Too much exercise can be unhealthy for you as well. The best daily workout plan for women is one that challenges you but doesn’t require you to devote your life to it. Stick With It!


Staying on the routine is perhaps the hardest part of working out on a regular basis. Occasionally, life gets in the way, and many times, you’ll just feel like taking a day off. While that can be OK sometimes, it’s important to not lose track of your goals. Consider getting a friend to be a workout partner, or reward yourself for sticking to your routine. In addition, there are many apps that help keep track of a daily workout plan for women, such as what exercises were done on each day. Keeping a record of your accomplishments can be a good motivator for your workout. Remember that the real key to staying fit is considering that your new workout routine isn’t just a habit; it’s a lifestyle change. Still, if you find that you’ve missed your workout for the day, don’t fret and give up. The only way you’ll see true results are if you keep you head down and stick to it.


What Are Good Carbs To Eat

 What are good carbs to eat?

Building muscle is a little bit easier for guys. They have a different chemical makeup which makes them predisposed to gaining muscle mass. But ladies, it can be done. You just need to be well-informed on how to reduce body fat and gaining muscle. This starts by knowing what are good carbs to eat and what should be avoided.An essential thing to understand is that muscle gain in women isn’t often as apparent on her body as it is on a man. Women have naturally softer figures which can conceal muscle definition. Reducing body fat is just as important as gaining muscle.You will need to work out at least three times per week. You could join a gym or buy some weight-lifting equipment for your home. Once you begin a routine, make sure to let your muscles rest for a day or two between sessions as the rest period is a vital time for muscle growth.Eat healthy! You are going to need to eat about 2000 calories per day and you will be burning 300 to 500 calories per workout. What are good carbs to eat? Try miso salmon, turkey-spinach lasagna or chicken marsala.Remember that your focus is on lifting weights, not cardio. Cardio will tone your muscles rather than build them. You should do some cardio to increase your heart health, but make sure to do it before you lift weights and don’t do it for more than half an hour.

You should also have snacks throughout the day. In case you haven’t noticed, you can eat a lot when you are building muscle as long as you consume the right foods. Have many small snacks between meals to keep up your carbohydrate intake. What are good carbs to eat? Try oranges, apples with low-fat cheese or trail mix with almonds, pecans and sunflower seeds. Do not buy the store brands that are loaded with sugar! If you can, make your own trail mix at home.

Choose a heavy weight that you can lift six times in a set. Include bench presses and squats, which will do wonders for your gluts. In general women do not get huge muscles like men do without the assistance of chemicals so you won’t need to worry about getting too bulky.

Remember that the keys to building muscle are the consistency and intensity of your workouts, and knowing what are good carbs to eat.

Workout Regimen For Women

Workout regimen for women

If you’re a woman that needs to get in shape, there’s no better time than the present. The fall and spring are great times to begin working out, so that you can have a fit body when summertime rolls around. The following info will provide tips for a solid workout regimen for women.

First Things First

As you may already know, you should warm up before doing any exercise. Before starting with weights, take a quick walk or run for about ten minutes. Follow up with some stretches to loosen your muscles for training.

Leg Exercises

One of the first body parts women want to work on is the legs. Luckily, there are many leg exercises that can be incorporated into a workout regimen for women. You can perform the following exercises to tone up and build some muscle throughout your legs. Don’t worry about becoming overly muscular, women do not have enough testosterone to end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Effective leg exercises include:

  • Lying Leg Curls
  • One Leg Barbell Squat
  • Calf Raises
  • Box Jumps

Perform 3 sets of 8 reps for each of these, except the box jumps, which can be done in 15-20 reps.

Arm Exercises

A workout regimen for women does not differ from that for men in the arms department. The following are suitable exercises to tone up the female arm:

  • Bicep Curls
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Pushups
  • For arm exercises, also perform 3 sets of 8 reps.

    Stomach Exercises

    The abdomen is another commonly targeted area for women. These exercises are perfect for a workout regimen for women, and will help keep your belly flat:

    • Sit ups
    • Crunches
    • Leg Raises

    The above exercises can be done on a machine at the gym, or without weights. It is best to perform approximately 20 reps and 3 to 5 sets. You can adjust the amount as needed in your workout regimen for women.

    Exercises for the Derriere

    No workout regimen for women would be complete without exercises to firm the butt. The best exercises for your back end include:

    • Romanian Deadlifts
    • Side Lunges with Dumbbells
    • Dumbbell Sumo Squats
    • Dumbbell Step ups

Again, 8 reps and 3 sets should be all you need to start seeing benefits from the above exercises.

The Conclusion

The listed exercises will give you a good start to getting in shape. You can use alternate exercises wherever you see fit. Remember, a workout regimen for women should also include sufficient cardiovascular training. Try to spend some time running or on the stair climber after your workout to get cardiovascular benefits too.


Weekly Workout Plan For Women

Weekly workout plan for women

When it comes to working out and being in great physical shape, there is a lot of information out there for men who are looking to have big arms and a perfect six-pack. However, there isn’t as much information for women. This is especially true for women who have busy schedules and can only find time to make it to the gym occasionally throughout the week. Luckily, here is a weekly workout for women that anyone can adhere to.Monday – Upper Body
To begin, women can start by planning to at least hit the gym three times a week. This shouldn’t be too difficult and it’s something that almost anyone can find time for. To begin, use Monday’s as your day to hit your upper body. This should include your chest and back muscles, as well as a light arm workout.

Wednesday – Lower Body
To continue your weekly workout plan for women, you can then use Wednesday to work on your lower body. To tone your legs and increase your overall strength, rely on squats, lunges, leg extensions and other lower body movements. Not only will lower body workouts help you increase the strength and shape of your legs, but they’ll also help you burn calories.

Friday – Abdominals And Arms
You might have a lot going on during Friday’s, so a quick trip to the gym is perfect to work your abdominals and arms. By doing high intensity training for your abs and arms, you’ll be able to add definition and sculpt these regions. In addition, this high intensity training will work the rest of your muscles, but not nearly as much as if you dedicated the day to work them specifically.Weekend Fun Workouts
If you don’t to spend your weekends in the gym, then consider fun workouts that you can do with your friends. This could include a jog around the lake, a hike up a mountain, or a yoga class with other people. Your weekend workouts can be just as much fun as they are intense if you train properly.

Dietary Considerations
Don’t forget that part of the weekly workout plan for women will also include what you eat as well. Be sure that you are eating healthy foods that are high in protein and low in unhealthy fats. In doing so, you’ll be able to maximize your results from the hard work you put in at the gym.

Weight Lifting Schedule For Women

Get Ready for the Beach With This Weight Lifting Schedule for Women

When it comes to any subject related to weight, women are often the most sensitive. The main reason women visit the gym is to maintain a sexy body that would look great in a bikini during the summer season. Unbeknownst to many, they also avoid health and stress related illnesses.Sadly, it has been documented that in every five women, usually, only one engages in weight lifting two or more times a week.One thing that is taken into consideration when creating a weight lifting
schedule for women is the fact that ladies do not want a bulk body shape but rather
toned and firm muscles. Before you start a new gym schedule, it’s important to identify your body shape. Ladies are either; a bit wider at the bottom than the top or straight with minimal curves. There are also those who have a larger bust and hips ratio compared to the waist, and finally,
there is the athletic body shape identifiable by broad shoulders and narrow hips. We are going to focus on a weight lifting schedule for women that can help those with any of the above body shapes reach a common goal.

Here are a few sets that should be done three days a week to achieve proper muscle tone. They should be done every other day such as Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s also important to note that the best workouts are those that defy

1. Triangle Lat raise, dip and knee raise.
2. Mermaid, boat curl and press.
3. Lift-off lunge, hundred on the ball.
4. Scissors jump, push up and leg raise.

Day 1:
For each of the exercises mentioned above,
it’s advisable to perform 10 to 12 repetitions, rest for thirty seconds, then, continue with the next exercise that is listed. In order to increase results, keep a strength workout chart and work in some cardio sessions too.

Day 2:
For day two of the weight lifting
schedule for women, hold the dumbbells up to
your shoulders with your elbows bent. Take a giant step forward, and lower your
body until your knees are bent at a right angle. You have to make sure your knees are in line with your ankles. Pressing the dumbbells up to the
ceiling, pull up your right leg. You can increase the intensity of this exercise by raising the level of your left foot by use of a step stool. Do around 15 reps.

Day 3:
Hold a weight in your right hand,
with your left hand on your hip, take
a giant step back to your left with your
right leg. Bend your knees, and
lower your body to the floor until the
left thigh is parallel to the floor, and at the same time, raise your left arm
straight out. Do 12 reps.

When considering a weight lifting
schedule for women, it is important to
also factor in a few things such as
weight, diet and also
hormones. This should give
women a reason to make the gym
their favourite place to go.

Strength Training Exercises For Women

Strength Training Exercises for Women

More women than ever are working out, performing not only aerobic exercise but weight-bearing moves designed to make muscles stronger. Strength training exercises for women are particularly important as one ages in order to prevent loss of muscle mass. Many exercises designed to strengthen muscles are simple and may be performed at home or in the gym with little or no additional equipment.Upper Body
Arms often get ignored , especially in aerobic exercise. Therefore, it is important that well-rounded strength training exercises for women include biceps, triceps, pectorals, deltoids and the upper shoulders. Using simple hand weights to fatigue your muscles is appropriate for all fitness levels, but make sure you use weights that are heavy enough to make your muscles tired after two or three sets. Adjust weight upward or downward depending on your level of fatigue.Effective upper body strength training exercises for women include:

  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep kickbacks
  • One-arm dumbbell row for the upper back
  • Lateral and front raises for the shoulders
  • Dumbbell chest press or pushups for pectorals

For years, core work simply meant doing abdominal crunches, but recent trends in fitness have gone towards working the entire trunk. That means incorporating routines for the back as part of strength training exercises for women. Crunches, and their variations such as bicycles are still the standard, particularly for beginners, but as you gain strength, vary crunches by performing them on an unstable surface such as a Bosu or large fitness ball.

Other effective core-building exercises include:

  • Planks, held either from the elbows or the hands that work the entire abdominal sheath as well as the back
  • Mountain climbers and scorpions to target abdominals and obliques
  • Body twists performed with a medicine ball to work obliques and the back
  • Dead lifts performed with free weights that target just about every muscle group in the body, particularly the lower back and hamstrings

Lower Body
The two most effective lower body strength training exercises for women are squats and lunges. Both are great for targeting the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps and may be performed with free weights for additional resistance. When performing both, make sure knees do not come forward of your ankles to avoid undue pressure and misalignment.

How Does Fat Leave The Body


How Does Fat Leave the Body?

There are many benefits to working out. It gives you a lot of energy, helps to keep you healthy and it also reduces stress levels immensely. However, one of the most important reasons that people decide to exercise is so that they can lose the excess fat they have on their bodies. The sad fact is that they majority of Americans are overweight, but that does not need to be the case. As long as people work hard and make the right lifestyle decisions, they can lose all the fat they need. Here is a look at what you need to know about how does fat leave the body.

The first step in losing weight is eating right. There are two components to the weight loss battle. The basic formula is to add up all the calories you eat every day and subtract all the calories you burn every day. If you consume more calories than you burn, you will end up adding fat to your body. However, if you instead burn more calories than you eat, you will end up losing fat from your body. This is the basic formula you need to keep in mind when you are thinking about how does fat leave the body.

The key to proper diet is portion control. Most Americans eat portions of food that are much too large for them. This is especially true when they eat out at restaurants. It is easy to consume an entire day’s worth of calories in one meal if you are not careful. Try to limit your calories to around 500 or 600 calories per meal if you are trying to lose weight.


The other half of the weight loss battle is exercise. Consistent exercise is the most important key when understanding how does fat leave the body. The key to getting enough exercise is to start making it a daily habit. You need to combine both cardio and strength training workouts if you want to gain the maximum amount of fat loss. A good plan is to get 30 minutes or more of cardio workouts in four to five times a week. Strength training should be done two or three times a week.

Once you combine exercise and a proper diet together, you will find that weight loss is not that hard. The key is to be consistent in your efforts. Staying focused on getting fit is the true secret for how does fat leave the body.

Fitness Plan For women

Fitness plan for women

For women who are looking to make a drastic change and improve their lifestyle, it’s important that they have a fitness plan that works. Whether you are trying to fit into that wedding dress for your special day, or you simply want to live a healthier lifestyle so you can spend more time with your children, being physically active is the only way to reach your goals. Finding time to go to the gym may be difficult, but it’s an investment worth making. Here are some options to consider a fitness plan for women to stick to.Free Weights And Cardio
One of the most traditional methods of being active is to start in the gym. You can walk into any gym and you’ll see a variety of different free weights and cardio machines that you can use to get in shape. If it’s your first time in the gym and you feel a bit overwhelmed with everything you see, understand that any journey must begin with a first step. The more that you work to understand what workouts to do in order to reach your goals, the likely you’ll reach your goals.

Another fitness plan for women that are tired of the gym is CrossFit. This sport includes high intensity training workouts, as well as a core group of people who will support you and push you to reach your goals. Walking into a CrossFit gym for the

first time may be intimidating, but it’s nothing compared to how exhilarated you’ll feel once you are able to improve your athletic abilities.Martial Arts
For those who are looking to get physical, martial arts is certainly a good option as a fitness plan for women. Whether it’s MMA, jiu jitsu, kickboxing, or any other type of martial arts, these sports are ideal for those that want to be active and physical. Not only will martial arts help you trim your waistline, but it’ll also teach you some great self-defense moves as well.

Group Classes
Sometimes women may simply want to consider group classes as part of their fitness plan. Group classes that work well with a fitness plan for women include yoga, spin class, pilates, and a variety of other choices. With these classes you will have a designated teacher assisting you, as well as other women in the class who are interested in getting in better shape.

Whatever you choose, it’s just important that you get out there and dedicate yourself to a fitness plan for women if you want to be in better shape.