How Does Your Body Burn Fat

How Does Your Body Burn Fat?

How does your body burn fat? A lot of people ask this question, hoping for a simple, magical response. The truth is that our bodies are always burning calories. Everything you do, from sitting at your desk to doing laundry will burn calories. The amount of energy consumed by the task you are performing will determine how many calories are burned per minute or per hour.

Metabolism and Fat –

How does your body burn fat? Our bodies burn fat through chemical reactions that are taking place inside us all of the time. The speed at which these chemical reactions are performed will determine how much fat and calories you will burn. That is what we call metabolism.

The processes that take place inside your body every second of every day all combine to be known as metabolism. The moment you eat or drink anything and it goes into your body, these processes begin all over again. The energy is taken out of your food and transferred to other parts of your body. This energy keeps you alive and keeps your various systems functioning properly.

Exercise and Fat Burning –

When we associate burning calories and fat with an activity, it is usually going to the gym or playing sports. While it is true that you burn significant calories riding a bike or running on a treadmill, those numbers are only a small percentage of the calories you burn the rest of the day.

How does your body burn fat? If you really want to start burning fat on a regular basis, it is time to think of this process as a long term project. Your metabolism is not going to reach the speed of light after a day of exercising, just like you will not lose 10 pounds of fat by skipping a few meals.

This process takes a bit of time and effort to get going. People who spend time eating the right foods, going to the gym regularly, lifting weights and doing cardio exercises will boost their metabolism over the short and long term. This boost in metabolism will cause your body to burn calories (and fat) at a quicker rate.

Lifting Weights –

How does your body burn fat? Through burning calories, which happens through your metabolism. A great way to keep your metabolism high is to lift weights. This does not mean lifting heavy weights. If you do not want to build big muscles, you can complete more repetitions of an exercise with lower weights. This will tone your muscles, improve your overall health, and boost your metabolism (and thus your fat burning capabilities).

Healthiest Carbs

Healthiest Carbs

When people hear “carbohydrate,” starchy or bread-like foods and desserts generally come to mind, the overly processed or refined kinds that lead to obesity and heart disease among other long-term health issues. However, many other food groups on the pyramid can offer the carbohydrates your body needs to get energized without the cost to your health.Healthiest Carbs in Fruits

Fruits are high in Vitamin C and low in cholesterol and fat. The fact that many fruits are also 90+% carbohydrates makes them one of the healthiest ways to get your daily dietary fiber. Specifically oranges, grapes, and bananas do even more for your body with their high levels of potassium, which studies indicate can decrease bone loss and reduce risk of kidney stones. The high water content of most fruits also keeps your body hydrated!

Healthiest Carbs in Vegetables

Vegetables are another category of healthier carbohydrates because they have no cholesterol, are low in fat, and include several necessary nutrients for good health, such as folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin E. The high levels of dietary fibre found in vegetables like onions and pumpkin has shown to reduce blood level cholesterol and may lower your risk of heart disease. Beans and chickpeas are also high in protein!

Healthiest Carbs in Dairy

While dairy products are often considered a dieting no-no, healthy dairy choices can be made in the form of low-fat or fat-free options for milk, cheese, and yogurt to get the calcium and Vitamin D required to keep bones strong. Non-fat fruity yogurt is specifically about 80% carbohydrates and also packed with protein and Vitamin B12. Skim milk, about 55% carbohydrates, is basic in nature and combats acid reflux and other problems with digestion.

Other Healthy Carbs

Not all traditional carbohydrates are bad! Whole grains, such as whole wheat pasta, barley, and quinoa can be both very filling and healthy carbs at the same time. Popcorn is the perfect whole grain to satisfy a snack craving in place of more refined carbohydrates, such as potato chips or French fries.

Foods That Are Carbs

Foods That Are Carbs

Nutritionists refer to carbohydrates as either simple or complex. Simple carbohydrates are found in foods that are high in certain types of sugars, and which tend to raise the blood sugar rapidly. Complex carbohydrates are metabolized more slowly and have less effect on blood sugar.In food science a food that contains starch is considered a complex carbohydrate, to include pasta, bread, and potatoes, whereas a food that contains sugar is considered to be a simple carbohydrate, to include jams, jellies, sugar, and desserts. Whether simple or complex, they are all foods that are carbs even though there is considerable overlap in these two groups, with some complex carbohydrates having more negative impact on blood sugar than some simple carbohydrates.

Starchy foods that are complex carbohydrates include whole grains of all kinds, as well as legumes and vegetables, including potatoes. Rice and quinoa are also whole grain foods that are considered healthy carbohydrates. These foods have a generally stabilizing influence on blood sugar levels in most people, and are good sources of various beneficial vitamins and minerals.

High sugar foods that are carbs include fruits, desserts made with sugar, grains, or fruit, and honey and molasses. These simple carbs raise blood sugar more quickly and even though fruits have vitamins and minerals they are considered simple carbohydrates because of their high sugar content.

Almost any food that is not a meat or a fat is classified as a carb. Even milk contains lactose, or milk sugar, but is considered a low carbohydrate food. There are no carbohydrates in meat or oils, and those who seek to reduce carbohydrate intake will chiefly live on a diet containing meats and fats.

Beans are a complex carbohydrate food. They digest slowly and have less effect on blood sugar readings and overall insulin load than even whole grains. They also contain protein, which is also known to moderate blood sugar spikes more than other foods that are carbs.

Nutrition Value of Foods

Nutrition Value of Foods

People eat for a variety of reasons. They eat for the sheer pleasure of eating tasty foods. They eat for sustenance to get from one day to the next. They even eat simply out of habit. However, the nutrition value of foods should be considered the most compelling reason why people need to eat, and eat the right foods.Our bodies were designed to need fuel. That fuel comes in the form of foods that contain all of the vitamins and minerals that are necessary to help the body’s systems maintain proper functioning. Schools used to educate kids on how the process of converting food products into nutritional by-products worked and why it is so important. Somewhere over the last 20 years, that information became out of fashion.How the Process Works
Once food is taken in, the digestive system goes to work to start breaking down foods in order for the body to reap the benefits of the nutrition value of foods. Enzymes assist in the process that separates mineral, vitamins and waste product. When the by-products have been separated, the body begins the absorption process of sending nutrients where they are needed. For example, calcium is important for bone, finger nail and hair health and the body metabolizes this product for that purpose.Eating Healthy
The body needs certain nutrients to survive. It’s not something that can be changed. The easiest way to make sure the body gets what it needs is by adhering to a balanced diet and daily nutritional requirements that have been provided by science and educated nutritionists. Hundreds of years of science have gone into understanding how the body works and what it needs. The nutrition value of foods were analyzed by food group for the specific purpose of making easier for laymen to understand what each food group is able to provide.The Effects of Not Eating Healthy
It is possible to take in too much of something the body needs. For instance, the body does need fats to function. However, too many fats can cause clotting of the arteries and cause damage to the heart. The point is that people need to understand the potential nutrition value of foods as well as the limitations.How a person eats is a choice. Science has proven that those who adhere to a healthy diet and eat the right foods that address all the body’s needs are more likely to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Best Bodies Female

The Best Female Bodies are Not All the Same

The best bodies female individuals flaunt are not beautiful because they are all the same. In actuality, the most beautiful women are beautiful not because they fit into a cookie-cutter definition of the “best female body,” but because they know their bodies and how to enhance their best features.Athletic

Some women are naturally athletic, lean and strong. Because these athletes often lack body fat, they often do not have large breasts or soft curves. Yet, few people will look at a lean and sinewy runner or a toned and flexible gymnast and deny that these women have among the best bodies female adults could have.


Some women have a remarkable hourglass figure boasting larger breasts, wider hips, and voluptuous “booty.” A curvaceous woman should flaunt these features instead of aiming for a super-thin physique, which would not likely flatter her natural body shape. Some of the best bodies female celebrities have today are curvaceous.


Some women find it difficult to put on weight, be it muscle or fat. Some of the best bodies female frames can boast are waif-thin, and these women might look disproportionate if they tried to gain weight. Instead, an extremely thin woman should accentuate her petite frame.The Eye of the Beholder

There is no best female body–women are naturally predisposed to have a certain figure or shape. All women should focus on being healthy, which includes being neither too big nor too thin for her frame. A woman should also identify what parts of her body she is the most proud of, and accentuate these features.

The best bodies female frames boast are not determined purely by figure, either; women should take care of their skin and their hair, as well. They should also accept the things that they cannot change, such as height; the best female bodies are not all tall and not all short.

When a woman takes care of herself and her body, she can be proud of her figure and confidently believe that she has the best female body for her genetics and natural figure.

What Are Good Carbs To Eat

 What are good carbs to eat?

Building muscle is a little bit easier for guys. They have a different chemical makeup which makes them predisposed to gaining muscle mass. But ladies, it can be done. You just need to be well-informed on how to reduce body fat and gaining muscle. This starts by knowing what are good carbs to eat and what should be avoided.An essential thing to understand is that muscle gain in women isn’t often as apparent on her body as it is on a man. Women have naturally softer figures which can conceal muscle definition. Reducing body fat is just as important as gaining muscle.You will need to work out at least three times per week. You could join a gym or buy some weight-lifting equipment for your home. Once you begin a routine, make sure to let your muscles rest for a day or two between sessions as the rest period is a vital time for muscle growth.Eat healthy! You are going to need to eat about 2000 calories per day and you will be burning 300 to 500 calories per workout. What are good carbs to eat? Try miso salmon, turkey-spinach lasagna or chicken marsala.Remember that your focus is on lifting weights, not cardio. Cardio will tone your muscles rather than build them. You should do some cardio to increase your heart health, but make sure to do it before you lift weights and don’t do it for more than half an hour.

You should also have snacks throughout the day. In case you haven’t noticed, you can eat a lot when you are building muscle as long as you consume the right foods. Have many small snacks between meals to keep up your carbohydrate intake. What are good carbs to eat? Try oranges, apples with low-fat cheese or trail mix with almonds, pecans and sunflower seeds. Do not buy the store brands that are loaded with sugar! If you can, make your own trail mix at home.

Choose a heavy weight that you can lift six times in a set. Include bench presses and squats, which will do wonders for your gluts. In general women do not get huge muscles like men do without the assistance of chemicals so you won’t need to worry about getting too bulky.

Remember that the keys to building muscle are the consistency and intensity of your workouts, and knowing what are good carbs to eat.

Building Muscle For Women

Tips for Building muscle for women

One of the most important aspects of muscle building for women is maintaining proper technique for the entire workout. Using the right form when lifting weights is essential to the development of new muscle. It is better to do longer sets with more repetitions then to do fewer sets in order to build up to a maximum weight. Working out with close to maximum weight after a proper warm-up will help to minimize injury and maximize muscle growth.ROTATE MUSCLE GROUPS
Working certain muscle groups together can help women to maximize each work out. Rotating muscle groups also helps to eliminate strain and potential in-balance in muscular development. Building muscle for women requires a dedication to a routine which focuses on both strength and resistance training. Alternation between free weights and resistance based machines will help the muscular build to be even and smooth. Making a decision to group strength and resistance exercises together will allow for healing to occur in the case of injury. Limiting cardio training will minimize high impact pressure on joints. When joints are injured it is likely that technique will suffer from a workout to cover the injury.

Focus on eliminating complex carbs and unnecessary sugars from the body. The female body tends to process carbs quickly because of hormone levels and other chemical differences. This means that increasing hydration and protein consumption is an essential part of building muscle for women. Choosing to consume several small meals throughout the day will help to stimulate the digestive process converting protein into lean muscle. Choosing to consume lean protein is important for all women who are trying to add muscle, but especially so for women who have cholesterol issues.POST WORKOUT PROCEDURE
It is essential for a woman to take care of herself immediately after a workout. Building muscle for women requires maximizing the body’s natural system for muscle building. Balancing electrolytes and protein right after a workout will give a women the greatest chance for muscular growth. Proper hydration will also allow the correct amount of oxygen to reach the muscle groups which have been worked on making growth possible. Having a high protein snack after a workout will help with any soreness or muscular pain which can be caused by over exertion sometimes, the use of a personal trainer can be useful in the development of a proper workout regimen.