Foods That Are Carbs

Foods That Are Carbs

Nutritionists refer to carbohydrates as either simple or complex. Simple carbohydrates are found in foods that are high in certain types of sugars, and which tend to raise the blood sugar rapidly. Complex carbohydrates are metabolized more slowly and have less effect on blood sugar.In food science a food that contains starch is considered a complex carbohydrate, to include pasta, bread, and potatoes, whereas a food that contains sugar is considered to be a simple carbohydrate, to include jams, jellies, sugar, and desserts. Whether simple or complex, they are all foods that are carbs even though there is considerable overlap in these two groups, with some complex carbohydrates having more negative impact on blood sugar than some simple carbohydrates.

Starchy foods that are complex carbohydrates include whole grains of all kinds, as well as legumes and vegetables, including potatoes. Rice and quinoa are also whole grain foods that are considered healthy carbohydrates. These foods have a generally stabilizing influence on blood sugar levels in most people, and are good sources of various beneficial vitamins and minerals.

High sugar foods that are carbs include fruits, desserts made with sugar, grains, or fruit, and honey and molasses. These simple carbs raise blood sugar more quickly and even though fruits have vitamins and minerals they are considered simple carbohydrates because of their high sugar content.

Almost any food that is not a meat or a fat is classified as a carb. Even milk contains lactose, or milk sugar, but is considered a low carbohydrate food. There are no carbohydrates in meat or oils, and those who seek to reduce carbohydrate intake will chiefly live on a diet containing meats and fats.

Beans are a complex carbohydrate food. They digest slowly and have less effect on blood sugar readings and overall insulin load than even whole grains. They also contain protein, which is also known to moderate blood sugar spikes more than other foods that are carbs.